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錨點 1

Track-level testing and development of SCRK power components

After many trainings, I should be fickle;
Incessant power, the ever-changing road.


Top parts
​     Tuning for optimal performance

Special car and special mold are built with performance as the final indicator

The all-new SCRK champion transmission group is launched

Exclusively for the team that won the TSR three consecutive championships

SCRK is famous for racing but devolves technology into the market

The installation is fast and the feeling is easy, the training is simple, and the feeling is immediately felt when you go straight up!

Underpowered Solutions


Introduce the defect factors of each vehicle type into the development of each product to ensure that each user experience can be better and more advanced.

faster, easier, better


We are committed to creating a transmission setting that is easier to match, so that dealers and car-changing partners can quickly and easily find their own power curve.

Hear customers share apps

Understanding the customer's experience is the core of our development, only to ensure that the performance and yield rate of products launched in the future can be more stable and excellent.



reduce power loss,
Don't be late for commuting to work.

Dynamic optimization data

10% weight reduction

Compared with the original Pulley disc of the commercial car

15% acceleration boost

With the original transmission group of the commercial car

25% friction bite increase

Comparison with the original factory panel of the commercial car

10% horsepower boost

With the original transmission group of the commercial car


About SCRK

SCRK racing parts focus on developing scooter power modification parts, developing engines, and designing and manufacturing transmission parts. The improvement and evolution of the product can further improve the quality, durability and performance of the product, so that consumers can find the most ideal state of their car.

SCRK community

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